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CJIC President Zhang Jian'an took a field trip to Botswana market

CJIC President Zhang Jian'an took a field trip to Botswana market


From 3rd to 8th in March, 2024, Zhang Jian'an, Chairman & president of the Board of the Corporation, took a field trip to the Botswana market and participated a series of business activities. He respectively paid a courtesy call to Wang Xuefeng, Chinese Ambassador to Botswana, Lefko Maxwell Mogai, Minister of Minerals and Energy of Botswana; Machana R. Shamukuni, Minister of Justice; Kefentse Mzwinila, Minister of Lands and Water Affairs, and some clients (employers) of projects undertaken by the corporation. He visited the corporation's employees in Botswana, conducted field trips to several projects under construction, including the design, build and transfer of three grade separated intersections in Gaborone, Botswana, etc. During the trip, he presided over a symposium, listened to the business development reports of the Botswana office, and gave a special Party lecture.

On the afternoon of March 4th  and 7th, Zhang Jian'an paid a courtesy call to the Minister of Minerals and Energy of Botswana, Lefko Maxwell Mogai; the Minister of Justice, Machana R. Shamukuni and the Minister of Lands and Water Affairs, Kefentse Mzwinila. Zhang Jian'an expressed his gratitude to the ministers for their continuing supports to the corporation, and he introduced the general conditions and business development of the corporation in Botswana. The president underlined that the corporation has developed in Botswana for more than 30 years, and has built a number of landmark projects and livelihood projects. In the future, CJIC will continue to bring its own advantages into play, actively participate in local infrastructure construction, vigorously expand new energy, new infrastructure and other business fields, and jointly participate in the construction and development of mineral resources and energy in Botswana in collaboration with other outstanding enterprises from Jiangxi Province.

The Ministers expressed high appreciation for the achievements of China Jiangxi International Corporation (CJIC) associated with its subsidiary- Zhonggan Engineering & Construction (Zhonggan) in Botswana. They all acknowledged that both CJIC and Zhonggan are welcome to participate in the infrastructure construction, as well as the investment, construction and development of new energy and new infrastructure, so as to boost Botswana's economic and social development.

After the field trips for nine projects under construction in Botswana, including, three grade separated intersections in Gaborone, Raw water transfer scheme and Gaborone water supply master plan Infrastructure contract 2, the data center at the Botswana Innovation hub science and technology park, Kasane water treatment works and Botswana International University of Science and Technology project, etc,  Zhang Jian'an paid a courtesy call to the relevant clients in the afternoon of March 6th  and the morning of March 7th respectively, expressing gratitude to the clients for their supports during the project implementation, and updating the general development of the corporation, project progress, site management and the future plan in Botswana, etc. Zhang Jian'an stressed that the corporation has always regarded clients’ requirements as an important driving force for project implementation, and has always pursued the goal of "honor contract and keep promise". He underlined that CJIC would like to deepen cooperation and establish long-term relationships by doing a project and making a group of friends.

All clients gave high praise to the achievements of the corporation in Botswana, and fully recognize the on-site management, engineering progress and quality of the ongoing projects. They hope that the corporation will continue to strengthen the construction organization and quality control of the projects, and are willing to continuously deepen cooperation in relevant fields.

On the morning of March 7th , Zhang Jian'an paid a courtesy call to Wang Xuefeng, the Chinese Ambassador to Botswana. Zhang Jian'an introduced the corporation's development history, business development in Africa, especially in Botswana, and said that the corporation's office in Botswana would, under the leadership of the Embassy, effectively strengthen overseas party building, give full play to the corporation's advantages, and by closely integrating with the eight major steps of high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, actively participate in local infrastructure construction based on the needs of Botswana's economic and social development and people's livelihood improvement.

Ambassador Wang Xuefeng said that China Jiangxi International Corporation has been deeply engaged in Botswana for more than 30 years. Most of the projects it has undertaken are key infrastructure and livelihood projects, which have received the attention of the Botswana government and have a good foundation for further development. He hoped that CJIC would continue to give play to its advantages, implement projects under construction, strengthen compliance management, and fulfill its social responsibilities. In particular, CJIC should follow the pace of Botswana's economic transformation to open up markets, plan for development, and contribute more to deepening bilateral relations between China and Botswana.